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Does a new school year mean a review of custody?

As summer becomes only a memory of trips down the shore, the heralding of a new school year is upon us. Whether your kids are heading off to elementary school or high school, each year brings new challenges—and new changes.

From football practice to dance lessons, new teachers and more homework, no two school years are the same. With all the moving parts, could fall be the time that you need to reevaluate your custody arrangements?

More couples splitting over political disagreements

Opposites attract - or do they? Married couples often have philosophical disagreements, but which ones are big enough to end the relationship? The political rancor in Washington D.C. appears to be never ending. Is the nation's political climate making personal disagreements harder to weather?

A new study shows that more couples than ever before, both married and unmarried, are ending their relationships due to political differences. Nationwide, 1 in 5 people said that a political disagreement has negatively impacted a relationship. This schism has led to 1 in 10 couples citing political differences as the reason for a split. The trend is even higher among Millennials, who split due to political differences at nearly twice the rate of older generations.

Can an alimony judgment be modified?

Divorce proceedings are generally difficult for everyone involved. A lot of the stress that comes with a divorce often comes from a feeling of powerlessness in the face of a judge's legally binding judgment. If a judgment seems to be unfair, you may be left wishing you had a way to change the outcome of the proceedings.

Fortunately for individuals who are in such circumstances, there are legal ways to appeal a judge's decision and to potentially change the final ruling. While the process of judgment modification can also be difficult, it can sometimes be worth the time and effort. The question then becomes, when can someone get a judgment modified?


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