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Why women choose divorce more than men

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2020 | Family Law

Some New Jersey residents would agree that women are often more interested in marriage and a family than men. However, a recent study showed that the woman in a relationship is also the person to take the first action in a divorce 70% of the time.

Experts have identified the most common factors that explain the willingness of women to leave a marital union. First, many women seek divorce after coming to the conclusion that their marriage is holding them back. Although women make up more than half the U.S. workforce, the expectation is for them to do more of the work around the house and child rearing than their husbands. Some women also find that their husbands are resentful about the time their wives spend away at work. These women may not be interested in a marriage that makes it more difficult to take full advantage of their career opportunities.

Couples who do not enjoy healthy communication will have a hard time making a marriage work. Women sometimes bear the brunt of establishing this communication since men traditionally struggle to express their emotions. It is also common for men to depend on their wives for all of their emotional support whereas women find it easier to accept emotional support from multiple sources. This fact makes it easier at times for women to consider life after marriage than it is for their husbands to do so.

Women today are also not willing to live with mistreatment or bad behavior from their husbands. There was a time when women in America would rather stay married to an unfaithful spouse than risk losing the financial stability of the union. The opportunities afforded to women today mean they do not have to accept circumstances in a relationship that are less than they feel they deserve.

In a perfect world, all marriages would last a lifetime, but approximately half of all American marriages end in divorce. An experienced family law attorney may be of use to an individual wishing to dissolve a marriage in a way that allows both parties to move on with their lives with no more complications than needed.