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Divorce rate tends to increase in late summer

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | Blog, Family Law

For New Jersey couples, divorce is rarely an easy topic to consider. However, many reach the point in their relationship where they feel there is no choice but to move on and end the marriage. Despite perceptions to the contrary, this is rarely a knee-jerk decision. Since the statistics suggest that divorce numbers tend to spike at certain times of the year, it may be useful to look at the calendar and be fully prepared if a divorce may be on the horizon.

Understanding the numbers and planning for divorce

Researchers analyzed various divorce trends and found that people file for divorce more frequently in March and August. They used filings made in Washington state for the study, but the information is such that it is applicable to marriages across the nation. The timing of the cases suggests that the tensions within a marriage get worse when the spouses spend more time together. Summer is a season where families are in closer proximity, resulting in August divorces.

Among the ways to prepare for a divorce are to look at financial factors, think about living arrangements, assess child custody, and set realistic goals. As the time to move forward with the case gets closer, it is harder to make reasonable decisions due to the litany of emotions. People may be more clearheaded if they are proactive in being ready.

Having guidance can help with an informed decision

Simply gathering information about a possible divorce does not mean the filing must move forward. Still, if there is trouble in a marriage and there does not appear to be a way to solve it, it could be beneficial to understand the available options. Whether the case is amicable or contentious, those who are currently thinking about divorce should know that there is often a rise in filings in August. Having experienced legal advice can help with making an informed decision.