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3 divorce options for your home

What are you going to do with your home? If that’s your biggest question as you move toward a divorce, it’s important to have a plan and a solution. You and your ex need to know what you’re working toward, and you certainly want to know what your goals are so that you...

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“Nesting” as a custody alternative

Divorce is never an easy situation for anyone. It can be particularly difficult for children. However, there might be a solution that involves everyone staying in your New Jersey home. Nesting can make the transition better for your kids. What is nesting? Nesting is...

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Executive spouse divorce strategies

Dividing assets in a divorce is often as tumultuous a process as the personal separation. High-income couples in New Jersey have much at stake and must carefully consider how to begin the difficult task of evaluating their personal and joint financial affairs. Unravel...

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