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When a marriage dissolves, the most important thing is to make sure that children have a safe home and are properly provided for financially. Any decision that takes place within a divorce where children are involved needs to be resolved in a way that represents what is in the best interest of the children.

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At the Cherry Hill law firm of Mullen Law, LLC, we work closely with parents to reach child support orders that reflect the reality of the situation and protect the well-being of their children. To discuss your unique situation with a Cherry Hill child support lawyer from our firm, contact us today at 856-375-1136.

Determining Child Support

Under the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines, there is a formula to determine the proper amount of child support to be paid, with the incomes of parents and their respective parenting time being the major factors. There can be deviations from the standard formula, but it is very rare.

In addition, new laws regarding presumptive emancipation of children and termination of support went into effect in 2017. We, at Mullen Law, LLC in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, can explain how these affect you.

In both child custody and support cases, our lawyers are available to handle these issues in New Jersey. Even if you are moving out of state, you can rely on us to protect your parental rights, through the courts in this state.

New Jersey is a minority state when it comes to emancipation. Here, a child who has reached the age of 18 or graduation from high school usually does not end an obligor’s payment.

In most cases, if the child goes on to full-time college or is not beyond the sphere of influence of the custodial parent, a child support obligation may continue.

At Mullen Law, LLC, we can help advise you when emancipation should occur and when child support needs to end.

At the same time, we can also help you insure your child’s college education expenses are paid for. We can advise you regarding the impact of the new law regarding emancipation and child support.

Enforcement And Modifications

Child support is a responsibility and not an option. If you find that child support payments are either late or behind, we can seek enforcement of child support on your behalf. Parents failing to fulfill their child support obligations can be held in contempt of court and even face jail time.

Circumstances do change including loss of a job or change in income. Children also grow and their needs change. These types of situations can greatly impact child support payments. We also can seek child support modifications on your behalf.

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