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Skilled Assistance With High – Asset Divorce

Property division and spousal support matters are important in any divorce. In high net worth households, determining a fair and reasonable division of property is highly complex. Whether you are involved in a high net worth divorce involving dual incomes or a single income post-retirement, the knowledge and experience of your lawyers in high-asset family law cases are crucial to your best interests.

Meticulous And Detailed Financial Analysis In High – Asset Cases

At Mullen Law, LLC in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we have substantial experience analyzing the factors that have an impact on property division analysis in high-asset cases. It is critical to fully explore the lifestyle and income potential of the parties, including future income potential, to assess a high-asset divorce case. We fully explain the legal options. We advise clients about how we build a compelling case.

Staff member Susan Mullen, of Marlton, New Jersey, is a certified public accountant and is an invaluable asset for our clients in high-asset cases. We frequently work with financial professionals, forensic accountants, business evaluators and appraisers who provide evidence to support the legal position of our clients in resolving disputes over the market value of assets.

Meticulous attention to detail is critical in evaluating a high-asset divorce. Preparation and building a compelling case require a complete analysis of the extent and value of the marital estate.

Skilled In Dividing A Wide Array Of Assets

The types of assets in these matters are widely diverse and commonly include:

  • Residential property
  • Vacation and other secondary real estate investments
  • Art, fine jewelry and other forms of personal property
  • Business and professional interests
  • Stocks, options, bonds and investments
  • Retirement accounts
  • Hidden assets
  • Determinations of separate property
  • Spousal support matters

Ready To Defend Your Interests

We have substantial experience guiding men and women through high-value divorce proceedings. Our goal is to zealously protect the interests of our clients in obtaining the most favorable outcome possible in every case. Settling disputes without costly litigation can be empowering – reducing the financial and emotional toll.

Our firm has existed for over 30 years and has a reputation for excellence. We are skilled advocates who will take a case to trial when necessary.

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