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Unfortunately, no divorce – uncontested, contested or high asset – is never really “final.” Life brings twists and turns to the routines of divorced spouses after the formalized end of a marriage, and their children can be left in the lurch.

At Mullen Law, LLC in Cherry Hill, we have served divorce and family law clients for more than 30 years. Our attorneys provide skilled, client-centered representation for clients who feel they must request or contest a post-judgment modification of a settlement agreement.

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Have you lost your job and become unable to continue regular alimony and child support payments? Do you suspect that your former spouse’s financial situation has improved appreciably, meaning that interruptions of alimony or child support have no basis in fact?

A modification can be warranted after changes in finances for the paying ex-spouse, the need to relocate outside New Jersey for a business or military transfer, or the need for health care services available only outside the state. Whichever side of this issue you are on, we can help. We know the law, we know how to negotiate and litigate favorable outcomes, and we know how to get results.

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Selection of the right attorney for you is essential at this point in the process. At Mullen Law, LLC, we bring the knowledge, leadership and personal service that can put this crisis behind you. Contact us today for an initial consultation. Call 856-375-1136 or stay online to send an email message.