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When Parental Relocations Impact Divorce Settlement Agreements

When a divorced custodial parent decides to move to a new location outside New Jersey, that decision can have a powerful impact on the child’s relationship with a noncustodial parent.

Are you requesting or contesting a divorced co-parent’s choice to relocate, affecting parenting time currently and in the future?

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Experienced divorce and family law attorney Mitchell L. Mullen and his staff have more than 30 years of experience with smoothly guiding clients just like you through the post-judgment legal system. He listens closely to your side of the story, gathers all facts and works hard toward an outcome that benefits both parents, and promotes “the best interests of the child.”

Practical Legal Advice — Trusted, Effective Representation When Parental Relocation Becomes An Issue

A parent seeking to remove a child must show a good faith reason to modify a child custody arrangement, to allow for relocation, if the move will impact the parenting time of a noncustodial parent. Conversely, a noncustodial parent may oppose the relocation if the move means that access to the child will be dramatically impaired.

The ability of parents to continue to co-parent a child after divorce or a custody order, is of vital interest in many custody disputes. Mitch Mullen is a family lawyer who strives to keep both parents in their children’s lives. He can suggest a number of creative strategies that maintain parents’ roles in a child’s upbringing.

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