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Experienced Legal Guidance For Your Divorce

Even an amicable divorce can dramatically change the lives of all who come in contact with it. And when the end of a marriage creates disputes over marital assets and child access, the solid support and comforting counsel of an experienced divorce attorney is essential.

At Mullen Law in South Jersey, divorcing spouses gain strength and confidence during the stressful legal process, thanks to the help of our law firm’s founder Mitchell L. Mullen. For more than 30 years, Mitch Mullen has carefully guided divorce clients from all walks of life to the brighter futures they deserve.

Mr. Mullen prides himself on his ability to turn client objectives into reality for husbands, wives and dependent children. He knows how to negotiate outcomes that everyone can live with, and if necessary, to litigate in court in ways that protect your rights.

Are You Aware Of Recent Changes To New Jersey Alimony And “Emancipation” Law?

Mitch Mullen is always careful to stay abreast of any revisions to divorce and family law statutes. He has the facts you need about changes to our state alimony law, emancipation, child custody and cohabitation as it affects alimony. You not only may be able to go to court sooner now, if you need to, but factors such as unemployment and presumptive retirement age are in play as well. Payers of child support attempting to complete obligations are impacted as well, when children pass the age of 19.

When you contact Mullen Law in Cherry Hill, we can help you schedule your important initial consultation with skilled family lawyer Mitchell L. Mullen. We welcome your call to 856-375-1136. You can also reach us by email message.