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Helping You Draft And Understand Prenuptial Agreements

In many marriages, spouses want to protect the assets that they bring into the marriage. This is common in second marriages, particularly when individuals want to protect assets for their children from a previous marriage. It is important when contemplating a prenuptial agreement that the drafter be familiar with New Jersey statute on prenuptial agreements.

At Mullen Law, LLC, we are familiar with the statutes and case law and will draft an agreement that can withstand challenges in the event of a divorce or separation. Since 1985, our founding attorney has served clients in Cherry Hill and the surrounding metro area with all aspects of divorce and family legal matters. We will make sure the prenuptial agreement you sign is valid and protects your best interests.

We Also Handle Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial or midmarriage agreements are less common but are sometimes required. Similar to prenuptial agreements, they protect your assets for equitable division if you end your marriage, but you implement them after you and your spouse get married. As reliable family law attorneys, we can advise as to when these types of agreements can be made and what is necessary for a mid-marriage agreement to be enforceable.

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